Hello there!

My name is Fadela Hilali and I’m a Life Coach, Speaker and Amazon best-selling author of STUFFED: how to feel so good about yourself you won’t have room for cake. I grew up in sunny Morocco, in Fes. I moved to Charleston, South Carolina shortly after graduating from high school. I attended College of Charleston for four years where I double majored in Economics and Spanish.

After a  couple of months working for an export company there, I decided to embark on a new adventure and moved to Barcelona. I have always had a strong interest in helping people which came across as an insatiable appetite to understand human behaviour.

My first jobs were in trade but I quickly moved to the not for profit sector in the hope of making an impact beyond my little bubble. I worked for international affairs think tank in Barcelona focusing. While I loved my boss and the city, I came to realise that I was desperate for a career that involved less desk research and more hands on work with people. That’s what led me to move to London where I completed a Master in Conflict, Security and Development. Shortly after that, I landed a job in a London-based children and youth charity where I stayed four years while teaching yoga on the side. I discovered and trained in Life Coaching in 2012 and started coaching shortly thereafter.

If you ask my friends what I’m like, they’ll probably tell you that I’m energetic, positive and love to have fun.

Whether it’s in my personal life or coaching practice, feeling good and  being lighthearted is central to everything I do!