April 27, 2018 Fadela Hilali

Ditch Emotional Eating at Work with 3 Simple Hacks

Stack of glazed doughnuts with blue bonbons

We’ve all been the: long day, pointless meetings, stressful deadline, 3pm energy crash, biscuit hunt…oh, and it’s only Monday!

If you haven’t noticed already, comfort eating is rife in the workplace and with reason. While there are better mechanisms to deal with our day to day challenges, food remains an effective distraction from our worries and an easy-to-access source of comfort. So how do you break your stress eating at work?

1. Stretch your legs

Ideally, everyone would actually use their lunch break to not only eat, but also go for a little walk. This being said, I know that sometimes that’s just not possible. When that’s the case, make you sure you leave your desk every 45 minutes to get some water, speak to a colleague instead of emailing them, or just having a wonder around on your floor.

2. Eat

You’re probably thinking “huh”? You read that right. We often skip meals when we feel too busy or, just don’t eat enough if we do remember to eat. This then leads to an energy slump which will require a quick fix, probably something sugary. So yes, if you know you’re going to have “one of those days”, plan ahead and buy a nutritious lunch on your way to work or prepare one the night before if you can.

3. Out of sight, out of mind

If you know that stress eating is something you’re prone to do, avoid leaving a supersized jar of jar of sweets or a family size chocolate bar on your desk.

This isn’t to say that you can’t have these things when if you want them but there is no need to have staring contests with them when you know you tend to emotionally eat AND feel bad about it afterwards (physically and emotionally).


For more tips on avoiding emotional eating, check out my podcast interview with Mark Leruste.

If you want to go a little deeper, my book is your next stop: STUFFED: how to feel so good about yourself you won’t have room for cake

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