“I started working with Fadela with the aim to get more clarity on my goals and ambitions in life and how to go about achieving them. From the beginning I had a great connection with Fadela. She is a very warm and caring person and I left every session feeling energised and ready to move on with the next steps. Her enthusiasm is very infectious. I also felt she really truly listened to me – sounds simple, but it makes all the difference.Whilst she helped me tremendously in establishing a clear goal and gain perspective on my professional life, I also learned a lot about dealing with relationship issues. Her holistic approach towards coaching really resonated with me. I’ve come away feeling much calmer and focused, knowing that I can overcome obstacles more easily. I wholeheartedly recommend Fadela’s services!”


Creative Professional

“I approached Fadela as I wanted to become more confident and I wanted to be able to take control of all aspects of my life. Working with Fadela for approximately 3 months was truly an amazing experience which has positively impacted my day to day life. Having the forum to speak openly and without judgement allowed me to see speedy results as I was comfortable enough to share all of my thoughts. Fadela’s professional yet humorous approach to coaching was truly the right mix for me as it reminded me that life is a beautiful thing and that although life can be tough, we have to be grateful for all the little achievements along the way. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Fadela and I would highly recommend to all.”


Investment Banking

“I initially approached Fadela after hearing that she specialised in helping successful entrepreneurs deal with problems in their personal lives & especially with food & weight issues. At the time, I didn’t really think I had a problem with my personal life but I had certainly struggled with weight problems for as long as I could remember. I couldn’t understand how I could be successful in business but not apply the same discipline & success to losing weight. The first sessions with Fadela were a real eye opener.
I would never have believed I was an emotional eater, but I was clearly wrong. I had issues in my personal life that I needed to deal with that I never even knew were there, which were creating stress and causing me to overeat & drink! Over the next few months with Fadela’s guidance & help, I slowly put small changes in place that helped get things back on track. I never started the process to deal with ‘life’, I just wanted to lose weight. But this process has been all about dealing with life in the right way that works for you & then it becomes apparent that food was never really the issue to begin with. I can’t believe the personal changes this has created in me over the last few months. I can honestly say I have hardly any stress, I am more relaxed & my spirituality has improved. I’m a better husband, father & friend. And for the first time in over 15 years I’m not thinking about the next diet! I can’t thank Fadela enough for the changes she has helped me to make & I’m convinced going forward that I have effective strategies to deal with life’s problems. One thing I do know is that I won’t be turning to food & drink as a way of escape or a coping mechanism. Fadela has some amazing qualities as a person that really enhance her coaching. She is an amazing listener, she’ll remember the smallest details you told her months ago & takes a real interest in you as a person. She was always there at the end of a phone call or text whenever I needed a boost, and she ensured she checked in on me, especially when she knew I had a testing week ahead. Fadela has a wonderful way of grasping what you are really thinking & asks thought provoking questions to help draw you out. She also has a gift for illustrations & uses them well to drive her points home. She is a fantastic coach & a great person & I’ve enjoyed every minute working with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with their weight & especially to driven entrepreneurs as she understands the mindset completely. Thank you Fadela, you’ve helped me in more ways than you can imagine.”

Greg Wilkes

Managing Director, Jeffrey & Wilkes

‘I wanted to get some external support to understand my relationship with food. I also realised after each session that the need was wider and will help me achieve more in so many areas of my life (work, relationship, health, etc). I always wanted to have a coach but I never really took the time to look for one. I actually came across Fadela’s profile through a Facebook contact. I started to follow her and did some research, then I got in touch and I really enjoyed our first meeting. The first meeting was very revealing and I felt comfortable and I instantly liked her approach. She is very positive and direct. I am French speaking and we started to discuss in English then we switch to French naturally. I like the fact that I can express myself in my mother tongue and I like her perspective and questions. When I have an issue (be it work, love, self confidence, family) I actually look forward to see her. My friends joke with me and ask me “what my coach think of this or that” because she is part of my life and I wait until I meet her before taking decision where I need extra support and a professional advice. I’ve experienced many changes, the most obvious is to be gentle with myself and make changes one day at a time and FEEL. I have many shifts and changes that are with me every day. It is a change of approach and perspective. I am more calm and less stressed at work. I tend to be more in the moment (still some work to do) and I know that things wont happen over night. I initially signed up for three months and I extended because I like working with her and I look forward to each session. Fadela is professional, gentle, direct, smart and has good intentions. She is quick and makes me think outside the box or more likely outside my typical box. she brings the best out of me through guidance. She is a great listener and she has a very good memory which I think is very much needed in that role. I would highly recommend working with her. You will not regret it.’


NGO Programme Manager

“Having Fadela as a coach has had an immensely positive impact in my personal life. Thanks to Fadela’s guidance, I came to realise how i could transform my couple with small daily changes to the way I communicate with my partner. I was trapped in negative toxic thoughts where I considered myself the ‘victim’ of the problems in our relationship. Fadela helped me understand that I can be in control of my happiness, rather than expect others to make me happy, and That blaming my partner only makes me more miserable. Now I focus on the positive sides of my couple, and our relationship has truly flourished. My partner has also commented on the positive changes! I can also apply this to my relationships with friends or colleagues. Fadela’s approach is very warm and she truly listens without judging. I am truly grateful to Fadela and would highly recommend her to any of my friends.”


Corporate manager and Entrepreneur

“I decided to start coaching because I was at a crossroads in my life, lacking drive and direction and though nothing was particularly wrong per se, I knew something was missing. It was because of this that I also decided to train as a life coach. Working with Fadela changed so much for me. The number of “aha!” moments I had with her really helped to deepen my training and journey of self discovery, all the while seemingly effortless in her approach and wealth of knowledge. I always felt like I was speaking to a dear friend, even though we never blurred the line between coach and coachee. I went from a place of feeling lost and without passion, to finding myself, discovering what I wanted to do with my life, creating a business (with a website, business cards and social pages) and pursuing my dreams – literally in three months! I now feel alive, inspired, motivated, with a strong sense of purpose and self belief – I had no idea that life could feel this rewarding. I’ve been recommending Fadela to everyone since our first call and will continue to do so. She is a phenomenal coach and a beautiful human being. I’m eternally grateful.”

Mariel Witmond

ICT Life Coach and Yoga Teacher

“Coming across Prayanas and Fadela was a bit of a godsend for me. I was in the recovery period from a major accident. With the physical injuries healed, I was seeking help to find direction and motivation in different areas of my life. Fadela helped with providing structure to approach some major upcoming decisions as well as juggle the increasing commitments with work projects and family, all the while helping to see the value in, and prioritising ‘self care’. As an entrepreneur I found it invaluable to check-in with a coach on a regular basis, it helped me stay accountable, and address those items that otherwise had a habit of falling to the bottom of the to-do list! I found Fadela to be a great listener, warm and attentive and you can’t help absorb some of her positivity energy! I highly recommend working with her.”

Mitesh Mistry

Director, Aum Developments and City Sharers

“The first time I saw Fadela in a video, I felt that she had lots of empathy, positive energy and kindness to share and a genuine willingness to help people. I was myself planning huge changes in my life and was uncertain about how to implement them. Fadela is an amazing coach that helped me understand my needs, define concrete goals and take small steps into realizing them. She gave me the tools to plan and structure my days, with respect to my aspirations and values. Last but not least, she helped me deal with emotional eating, and reconcile with a regular physical activity, which made me regain amazing energy levels and feel more comfortable in my own skin. Fadela is such an inspiring and motivational coach, she really had an amazing impact on my life!”

Mounia Mansouri

Senior Analyst and Lifestyle Blogger

“I approached Fadela because I wanted to work out what my ideal life is. She helped me find answers to difficult questions and taught me techniques to overcome difficult moments. What I like the most about Fadela is her positivity and the way she manages to keep me to task without being bossy! One of the things I was struggling with when I started seeing Fadela was driving on my own but within 5 weeks of starting sessions with her I was driving over 5 miles to my hairdresser and back all on my own. I’ve come away feeling much calmer and focused, knowing that I can overcome obstacles more easily. I wholeheartedly recommend Fadela’s services!”


Events and Caterng

“Fadela is just an amazing coach! She worked with me on an issue I have been dragging for years. Mostly that I could be very mean to myself and lived in constant unwarranted guilt which led to my lack of confidence at work and in my personal life. My first session was truly transformational and allowed me to become more balanced almost instantly (I know…it sounds crazy but it is true). Since then, I go to Fadela to help me gain insight and perspective when I need it. What I love with her is that she actually gets you better not just thinking. I have had many experiences with professional counselling (good and bad) but with Fadela it is relaxed, focused and efficient. While the others would set wheel in motions often leaving me feeling worse, Fadela actually worked with me to fix the problem in just one session. How refreshing of an experience!”