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Stuffed - Amazon Best Seller

About Fadela Hilali

Life Coach, Speaker and Amazon best-selling author

I'm Fadela, a certified Life Coach, Speaker and Amazon best-selling author of a book called STUFFED: how to feel so good about yourself you won't have room for cake.

I have helped hundreds of people grow their confidence through personalised coaching, group training and writing. I have always had a strong desire to help people, which soon manifested as an insatiable appetite to understand human behaviour.

I have Masters in Conflict and Development, International Relations, Bachelors in Economics and Spanish and certifications in NLP, Coaching, Non Violent Communication, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy.

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People are always surprised by how tall I am in real life (1m79/5ft10).

I was born and raised in Morocco, lived in the US, Spain, the UK and I am currently splitting my time between London and Rome, Italy I believe that we all deserve to feel whole, no matter our pasts. And a lot of my work is about undoing the thinking patterns that keep us from feeling good enough and fulfilled.

I love dancing, especially salsa and I am always looking for new classes to try with my girlfriends.

I am a positive and resilient person, but my life has not been perfect and I don’t aspire to have a perfect one! I have dealt with a lot of adversity in the past including eating disorders, depression, heartbreak, trauma, grief and divorce. I last but not least, I am the proud mother of a little girl. She is my biggest blessing and best teacher in life.

Less official stuff

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