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The Confidence Bootcamp.
An online course for your mind, heart and soul.

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Confidence Bootcamp

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How to Become Your Most Confident and Empowered YOU

I’m so excited to be able to offer my Confidence Bootcamp as a self-study course! It will give you the step-by-step guide you need to change the beliefs you have in yourself forever!

Here is exactly how this course will benefit you…

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Learn key lifelong skills

Here is what you can expect from our time together

Identify and overcome limiting belief

Identifying and overcoming limiting belief

Learn how to dealing with self-doubt and insecurities

Dealing with self-doubt and insecurities

Learn how to overcome fear of failure and rejection

Overcoming fear of failure and rejection

Recognising the belief and thought patterns that get in your way

Recognising the belief and thought patterns that get in your way

How to harness your emotions

Harnessing your emotions

Creating habits that will keep you feeling GOOD ENOUGH

and much more!


Who teaches the Confidence Bootcamp?

The course is delivered by Fadela Hilali, Coach, trainer, and author. Fadela has helped hundreds grow in confidence through her 1-2-1 coaching practice, trainings and writing.

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Confidence Bootcamp 2

self confidence courses

What's included
in the course?

The course is delivered by Fadela Hilali, Coach, trainer, and author. Fadela has helped hundreds grow in confidence through her 1-2-1 coaching practice, trainings and writing.
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Module 1

Optimising your beliefs

In week 1 we will identify your limiting beliefs and the negative stories that can fuel your insecurities. Exploring what your true values are, we can enable you to develop a better sense of ‘self’.
By ensuring that your beliefs are both realistic and empowering, we will change the way you view yourself and what you can achieve in the future.

This module is all about your inner beliefs and how to change your mindset so they work for you, not against you.
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Module 2

Mastering your thoughts

In week 2 you will banish that inner critic! There is no way we would talk to other people the way we sometimes talk to ourselves. It’s time to change that!

By recognising situations that can trigger you to 'overthink' and doubt yourself, you will learn key practices that will hand the power of your thoughts back to you, allowing you to remain in control of reality, not what your mind keeps telling you.

Module 3

Managing your emotions

Moving deeper into the body, on week 3 you will learn the exact steps to regulate your emotions. It is a difficult but key skill to understand how to identify and handle certain emotions that arise within us, especially ones of shame or guilt.

You will create solid boundaries for your relationships which will allow you to feel freer and more in control of your life.

Module 4

Creating empowering habits

Further developing your boundaries from the previous module, in week 4 we will be deep diving into freeing yourself further.

You will learn how to take the necessary steps to release yourself from needing to please others as well as getting rid of any imposter syndrome issues that keep arising.

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Module 5

Communicating confidently

In week 5 you will truly be entering the Confidence Kingdom of your own life, learning proven strategies to enable you to speak confidently in any context.

Mastering how to express your needs, you will be able to convey both competence and warmth in your speech. This is a crucial skill to help get you what you want in life!

Achieve Goals

Module 6

Making it happen

Finally, in week 6 you become the ultimate CEO of your life by discovering how to push through fear. You will find the tools and techniques required to immerse yourself into inspired action and develop resilience, courage and perseverance along the way.
Welcome – to the new confident YOU!

Now is the time to become the most confident and empowered person you have ever been.

Start creating the habits that will serve you throughout life using tried and tested strategies and techniques, guided by a coach who’s been through the same struggles and understands exactly what it takes to build lasting confidence.

Ask yourself…

"Do I live my life according to my own deepest truths, or to fulfil someone else's expectations?"

Here is a breakdown of all the content and support that is included in this course…
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6 modules (21 videos in total) to watch at your own pace or complete one module per week to finish it in 6 weeks
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18 exercises (confidence drills) to help you put into practice what you learn
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Private Facebook Community – filled with like-minded people who are taking the same journey as you, where you can find ongoing support and connection.
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Weekly Q&A Session – hosted by myself so you know you are fully supported throughout the course.
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BONUS #1 - In-depth Workbooks - for each module allowing you to dig deeper inside each topic and put them into inspired action worth £50
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BONUS #3 - Lifetime Access - to the course so you can revisit and re-do any of the materials we have covered, whenever you like!

Investment for The Confidence Bootcamp is only

£59 GBP

($77 USD)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build confidence

You have full access to the course you can do it at your own pace.

I do recommend completing in 6 weeks, spending 30 minutes a week watching the videos and an additional 30 minutes on the exercises.

When does the confidence course start?

You will have unlimited access to the course as soon as you enrol. Learn, practice and reflect in your own time and wherever you are.

What if I have a question during the course?

You can ask any questions you have on our facebook private group (I answer them personally) or by emailing

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who struggles with self-confidence. People who feel they have to live up to perfection all the time or please other people rather than putting themselves first. If you have doubts that come up over your decision making or have a seriously mean inner-critic attacking you every day. Maybe you overthink things? Maybe you worry too much about what other people think? It might be all of the above – but the bigger problem is that this self-doubt, this self-sabotage has a bigger impact on your life and those closest around you. It will stop you from living out your dreams. This course is designed to rectify that.

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