Why flexibility matters

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March 24, 2021

Have you every asked yourself why flexibility matters? As in, what YOU would gain from having more of it in your life, at home or at work?

And I'm not talking about whether you can touch your toes in a yoga class 🙂

Some people will describe flexibility as resourcefulness, navigating unexpected situations that we would rather not deal with...It could be anything from a babysitter cancelling last minute to coming across huge traffic disruptions on your way to an important meeting.

Consider a situation where you're in a loving relationship and that you decide to buy a home together based on the fact that you both have lived in the same area for years (you love it). Then just before you sign the contract, you're offered the role that you've been trying to get for years, your DREAM JOB...only in another city.

Flexibility is what will determine whether or not this couple can have a "happy ending" or end up with "irreconcilable differences".

Simply put, the UNwillingness to be flexible is a form of extreme attachment to the status quo, even if the current situation is a long way from ideal ????

But why does it matter? Why should you care about flexibility?

Well, when we are not used to being flexible, we often find ourselves "feeling stuck". That's typically when we try to apply the same old thinking (and behaving) to new situations only to realise that it doesn't work. The result is that we end up missing out on opportunities to grow and thrive both in our personal and professional life.

So what can you do to improve your flexibility?

1. Do a flexibility audit:

Considering 10 as being very flexible, and 1 as being rigid, what score would you give yourself?

2. What do you think people close to you would say about your flexibility?

You can always ask if you have a level of trust going

3. Think of a situation where you refused to change your mind:

Or didn't do it quickly enough which, looking at it now, you wish had done. What made you INflexible?

I hope you this will get you thinking about how having more flexibility can have a positive impact on your life and as always, I'd love to know how it goes!

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